Christmas Crafts and Cookies December 20 2023

ritchie family christmas craft ideas

By Liz Ritchie Sherrill

Twinkling lights, frosty mornings, Christmas cookies … I know we may not feel this way come January, but right now I love everything about this time of year! It’s the coziest season with so many festive things to squeeze in. Our crew is officially on winter break, and during a season when everything is so busy it feels like we are finally slowing down. What do we do with our newfound spare time? Crafts and baking, of course!

christmas crafts for children christmas crafts four picture frames ritchie family christmas photo frame for christmas tree

Here is an easy Christmas craft for adults and children of all ages. Repurpose an outdated frame ornament or make your own with popsicle sticks. We used a mixed bag of Christmas buttons that you can find at a craft or hobby store, as well as some tiny ornaments and assorted Christmas craft accessories from Hobby Lobby last year. For my older kids we used a hot glue gun to secure everything in place, and white paint to cover old picture frames. For my three year old, we used glue dots, which worked perfectly well to hold everything in place! Then we took Polaroid pictures for each of their ornaments and I used some old Christmas card stock as the photo backing, but construction paper or wrapping paper would work as well. They turned out so cute and I will treasure them forever! The kids were so happy with something they could see through from start to finish and hang on the tree.

Next on my list is making cookies for Santa. I thought he might enjoy some Britt’s Spritz Cookies, but my children want to break out all the frosting and sprinkles, so it looks like we will be making some cutout Spritz cookies! If you need any cookie inspiration, check out our Pinterest page. Our family recipe uses a unique blend of almond and cardamom in our Britt’s Spritz cookies to make them taste like home.

Wishing you and your family a joyous and peaceful Christmas, and a Happy New Year!


Liz & The Ritchie Family