Spring In Full Swing March 11 2024

easter snack ideas with britts spirtz cookies in snack mix on pretty easter tablecloth

By Elizabeth Ritchie Sherrill

It seems spring has sprung in North Carolina! With an early Easter this year, I suppose that is fitting! With all of the spring buzz, we wanted to bring you a couple of quick and easy festive ideas for spreading some seasonal cheer.

Easter Gift Bags

I think the presentation can be just as exciting as the present, so in true Southern form, I often like to jazz up the packaging. I had soccer team snack bags in mind for these, but they are perfect for gifting to teachers, coaches or neighbors alike! All you need is a brown paper lunch bag, a cotton ball or pom poms, paper Easter grass, and a darling ribbon and you can fill these little treat bags with anything they’ll fit!

easter snack size heaths cheese straws spritz cookies with easter bag parts easter gift ideas snack size cheese straws spritz cookies iwth easter bag and chocolate bunnies

(Fun fact, our snack size Heath's Cheese Straws and Britt's Spritz Cookies fit perfectly!)

My kids will love making their own bunnies to take to their teachers before spring break.

St. Paddy Spritz Mix

Another seasonal activity that’s fun to make AND eat: St. Paddy Spritz Mix! If you thought Britt’s Spritz Cookies were addictive before, don’t hesitate to try them with white candy coating! My Aunt Beth always made Britt’s Spritz Cookies for us with rainbow nonpareils as kids, so this adds a nice dose of nostalgia for me.

easter snack ideas snack size britts spritz cookies in snack mix

Here’s what you need:

  • Ritchie Hill Bakery Britt’s Spritz Cookies
  • Lucky Charms cereal (I used Lucky Charms S’mores because it’s what we had, and highly recommend for this mix, but any Lucky Charms will do)
  • Vanilla candy coating (or any white melting chocolate)
  • Gold edible sparkle dust
  • Rainbow sprinkles


  1. Separate the marshmallows from your cereal in your Lucky Charms.
  2. Break up Britt's Spritz Cookies into bite-size bits and mix in a large bowl with your cereal, setting the marshmallows aside.
  3. Melt vanilla candy coating or white chocolate according to package instructions. Immediately add melted candy coating to large bowl of cereal and cookies.
  4. Spread out on parchment paper and quickly add sprinkles and sparkle dust, then add marshmallows and gently toss together.

The great thing about a mix like this is the endless sweet and salty additions to make it your own! And you can switch the sprinkles or marshmallows to fit the occasion.

Here’s to a happy and fun-filled spring ahead!