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Ritchie Hill Bakery Southern snacks and treats are made the old-fashioned way — in small batches from original Ritchie family recipes — at the historic Old Creamery building in downtown Concord, North Carolina.

Heath's Cheese Straws

Heath's Cheese Straws capture the homemade taste, melt-in-your-mouth texture and spicy finish that locals say reminds them of the savory Southern treat they grew up with. Available in Original Recipe and Spicy (for those who like a little extra kick).

Britt's Spritz Cookies

Our newest addition, Britt’s Spritz Cookies, are a family tradition that originated from the Swedish side of our family! Grandmother Elizabeth Britt Alm's creation is reminiscent of a shortbread cookie − but with a touch of almond, a hint of Nordic spice and a lingering sweetness that makes you reach for more.

All of our Southern snacks are packed by hand and always fresh.

Our Southern snacks make great gifts!