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About Us


A Southern Family’s Tradition

In the South, cheese straws are a family tradition. There’s even an old saying: “If you didn’t have cheese straws at your wedding, you may not be legally married.”

Ritchie Hill Bakery was founded on this tradition in 2010 by brother and sister team Heath Ritchie and Beth Alm. Their secret family recipe has passed from generation to generation for over 100 years.
ritchie hill bakery
It all started with their grandmother, Lily Patterson Ritchie as she baked her first batch in the kitchen of the circa 1906 family home in Concord, NC, fondly known as “Ritchie Hill.” Their father, Lee Ritchie carried on the tradition, with family and friends requesting them every holiday - the only time of year he baked them.

When the recipe was handed to Heath years later, they proved just as popular in Concord. In fact, he couldn’t bake enough each year to satisfy demand. So, it was out of necessity that Ritchie Hill Bakery was born.

Today, the bakery resides at the historic Old Creamery building in Concord, where nephew and chef Charles Ritchie helps bake Heath’s Cheese Straws every day. They are still prepared exactly the same, with the original family recipe, in small batches. The only difference: fresh batches ship to customers all over the country each day.

Our Team

We're proud to be a family owned and operated bakery, dedicated to one thing: making the south's finest cheese straws!



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