Britt's Spritz Cookies

Our latest addition, Britt's Spritz Cookies, is another family tradition originating from the Swedish side of our family! These straw-shaped Swedish cookies are made in small batches and have a texture reminiscent of a shortbread cookie. You'll taste just a touch of almond, a hint of Nordic spice and a delicate sweetness that makes them irresistible.

A Swedish cookie family tradition made for sharing

Our Britt's Spritz Cookies are the perfect snack to have on hand for entertaining unexpected guests. (The hallmark of a true Southern host/ess.) We love them dipped in coffee and or as a late afternoon snack paired with our original Heath’s Cheese Straws. Sweet … savory … repeat.

These delicately sweet, crisp Swedish cookies are a delightful foil to our savory cheese straws.