A Thoughtful Thanksgiving November 20 2023

By Liz Ritchie Sherrill

When it comes to Thanksgiving, it’s all about the table for me. I’ve had Thanksgiving at many different tables: the expansive, antique behemoth in my grandparents’ historic Victorian surrounded by cousins I rarely saw between the holidays and our summer vacation, the multitude of folding tables in a beloved communal space with the same neighborhood families who have celebrated together for decades, and even a military Friendsgiving in a small house on a military base surrounded by the people who knew best what life was like for us all in those moments. My memories drift back to handmade crafts as the centerpieces, lovingly constructed garlands, hand-picked greenery, and of course, the faces surrounding it all.

How do you capture that? The love and nostalgia, the simplicity of togetherness? I can recall heading outside to gather magnolia branches at my grandmother’s, to bring them in and arrange them on a mirrored centerpiece. I remember the crystal bowls filled with assorted nuts while we waited for our meal. The pickle and olive tray is still a staple I will throw a fit over if it’s forgotten. Even getting to light or snuff out the candle sticks stands out in my mind as a special occurrence. It was all lovely in that it was simple, but also special.

So this year, keep it simple and let the details speak for themselves. If you need some inspiration beyond your own Thanksgivings past, take a look at some of the tables we love this year.

 thanksgiving table inspiration

Happiest of Thanksgivings from our family to yours,

Liz & the Ritchie Family

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