Drum Roll Please ... Announcing Heath's New Spicy Recipe! March 11 2015

The race to find Heath's new spicy recipe was hotly contested, peppered with opinions, engulfed by volunteer taste testers, ignited with burning flavors, and ended in a fiery, neck-and-neck finish.

Ok, enough with the puns. But, in all seriousness, we are thrilled to announce that 35 wonderful taste testers have identified a winning recipe for Heath's new Spicy Cheese Straws! A very special thanks goes to these testers for their incredibly detailed feedback and the wonderful tasting parties they hosted to gather opinions from family and friends. You can check out the final results of the survey below, along with a compilation of the great words most commonly used to describe our new line of Cheese Straws. 

Stay tuned for the release of this new recipe, which you'll soon be able to find alongside Heath's Original Recipe, online and in markets near you!