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Heath's Spicy Cheese Straws

We created Heath’s Spicy Cheese Straws for those who like their cheese straws to pack a little more punch.

Our handcrafted cheese straws are a Southern tradition made in our hometown of Concord, North Carolina at our family bakery. They’re baked in small batches the old-fashion way. Heath's Spicy Cheese Straws capture the homemade taste, melt-in-your-mouth texture, bold cheddar cheese flavor and extra spicy kick (from a dash of top-secret pepper) that'll keep you coming back for more.

Spicy cheese straws are the favorite of many Ritchies.

(Aunt Margaret really knew how to crank up the spice anytime she made them.) Heath’s Spicy Cheese Straws add a burst of Southern flavor to gift baskets and new neighbor gifts. Plus, they can be stashed in the freezer and thaw so quickly that they make the perfect last-minute snack or appetizer.

Crank up the heat with our spicy cheese straws.