Going Home September 01 2013

For our family, Heath's Cheese Straws are more than a delicacy. They are a reminder of home, of history, of family. And, for our customers, they are a familiar and often nostalgic taste of North Carolina. 

Much of the inspiration behind our brand stems from the Ritchie home, built in 1900 up on "Ritchie Hill." Our logo closely resembles the architectural features of the home's eaves. Even the background of our site is a reminder of the fig tree visible through the kitchen window, where the cheese straw recipe was lovingly perfected for more than 100 years.

After four generations of Ritchies, plenty of cheese straws, and many evenings on the front porch, we had to make a tough decision about the home's destiny. In 2009, we put the house up for sale, searching for a family that would restore its original glory. But, the 'for sale' sign would be short lived. As Heath and Beth founded the bakery, a tremendous response to the release of HEATH'S CHEESE STRAWS inspired us to reconsider.

As autumn arrives, the family home will undergo a full renovation - not only to restore the historic residence to accommodate events, but to retrofit the kitchen for our growing bakery. We'll look forward to posting updates on the renovation as we go.

Ritchie Hill Bakery is moving home. Stay tuned.