Cheese Straws + Beer = Super Bowl XLVII January 02 2013

Nothing rings in the new year like a quickly approaching Super Bowl. A time of wings, pizza, and (you guessed it) plenty of cheese straws. 

Now, one thing we're hearing from our customers lately is that HEATH'S CHEESE STRAWS sure do go well with a cold beer. So, we decided to look into it ourselves. Here are five beers that pair perfectly with the spicy, cheddar taste of our cheese straws - and one of Heath's favorite pairings for the non-drinkers among us:

Pabst Blue Ribbon: Nothing fancy here, just an everyman's beer perfectly suited for the everyman's cheese straw. 

Carolina Blonde: A light, refreshing beer that compliments our very own North Carolina roots. 

Dogfish 60 Minute IPA: A hoppy, more complex beer with a kick well suited for a spicy cheese straw. Call it a double-whammy.

Negra Modelo: A Mexican beer that goes best with a sharp cheddar taste - the hallmark of a good Mexican meal.

Blue Moon Belgian White: A beer known for the finest, freshest ingredients, just like Heath's Cheese Straws.

Coca-Cola Classic: There's simply nothing like a real coke to cool your taste buds and quench your thirst. Drinking a coke is always better with a straw.

Any other pairings you'd suggest? We'd love your thoughts.

Happy Super Bowl,

The Ritchies